Apple surpasses 25 billion App Downloads

Apple Apps

This past weekend a person in China was responsible for the 25 billionth app download for Apple. App downloads are increasing exponentially as mobile phones have become handheld pc’s essentially. The growth of tablets such as the ipad have definitely helped the App market explode even more.

As far as the battle versus the Apple OS vs. Google Android goes, well Apple is very much comfortably in the lead for now. As Apple crossed the 25 billion mark, Google is just under half of that. Although that number seems like Apple is safely ahead, it may not be in the future. Android apps are being downloaded at a much faster pace. That growth makes sense because there are a lot more devices on the market that run on Android. Everyday new phones and tablets are being introduced running Droid. Apple still has the edge in available apps but as the growth of Droid selections continues so will the growth of Apps that will be available. I think the moral of this story is that fierce competition will only benefit us the consumers with a wider selection of Apps and more devices to choose from.