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Windows 8 features

Windows 8 Preview

Windows 8

On Wednesday Microsoft released its consumer preview for Windows 8. It was a pretty big tech news story to say the least. As of Thursday Microsoft reported that there were over one million downloads of the preview.

So let’s go over some of the cool features that will be seen in windows 8. One feature that many people have noticed is the new password option. You can use a picture and then setup a touch screen pattern over the picture as your unlocking password instead of just typing in a word.

Windows 8 was definitely built for mobility. The lock screen will show a lot more than just the time. It will have e-mail and text notifications and more. A really cool feature is the system refresh button. You can refresh the operating system with the click of a button without affecting any files or windows you were using. The task manager has been redesigned. Past windows versions have been accused of using up a lot of memory. Windows 8 will take up a lot less memory during startup and free up more RAM overall and that is a definitely a great thing.

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